Sunday, January 01, 2006



This is an older self-portrait, about lifesize. I don't have that turtleneck any more, and my hair is a little longer now. I comb it the same, though. I might have lost weight, too - I don't keep track of that very closely, but this picture looks a little fat to me. It's not for sale; I mean: who'd want a picture of me? But if you're interested in having yourself, or someone you know, drawn like this, for a mere $350.00, let me know. Or, if you really want, I can send you a signed, dated, matted high resolution print of this picture for a mere 75.00

bill, all very fun stuff. thanks:) diane ruecker
These last two entries seem to be dated 2006, so they aren't at the top of your blog - just to let you know. I'm happy to see you're posting again!

I went to my friend's house today and saw your book on her coffeetable! I didn't even know she had ordered it! Delightful.
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