Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Little Timmy and the Mouse Machine

I started painting rather late in life, in my early 40s. Little Timmy and the Mouse machine initiated me into the wondrous, beautiful world of paint. I would hope that Little Timmy represents my approach to art, and to life in general. It's a cheerful painting, but it's also rather dangerous looking, in a way. Some people suggested that I paint Little Timmy standing in a pool of water, but that just seemed too obvious. What I really love about this painting is the idea of a machine powered by a potted plant.

Although this is my first real painting, I'd still let it go for 350.00, or do a signed, matted, high resolution print for 75.00.

Man oh man oh man!!! I am so excited that you finally are on the internet - doubly so that you have a blog!!!

The shirts are phenomenal, by the way - we LOVE them! I intend to call youto say so "in person". Kier keeps me busy, though, and with the two hour time difference it can be a bit difficult to coordinate.

Oh, and the videos! Thank you for the videos!
Oh, also? I highly recommend using a watermark on your images. There are folks out there who will try and steal your images and pass them off as their own.
Hello Bill,
It's so great to see your work! And I am thrilled that you shared your blog with me. Chris, my husband, sends along a big hello.

Our daughter, Sammati, is now going to Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, which happens to be my alma mater.

I'm new to blogs but I will be visiting yours often !
May you experience the power of your great, creative Self!
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